Seven Strategies For Successful Blogging

These days now that you have blog software that can drip out content, an auto responder services that can drip out email messages, there is no reason to start everyday with nothing new written. You could in fact, begin on Monday, spend the day writing the entire week of content, set it and forget it. Write it all on schedule on Monday, then Tuesday’s post will appear on Tuesday, Wednesday’s blog post on Wednesday, and so on.

Second, you could use your name and a keyword. Try something like “Jack the seo guy”. This will better your chances of having your comment permitted, but it is still a very little more risky that just using your name.

Now it’s time to buy a domain name. Many hosting companies will include a domain name as part of your hosting package, but find a company which just specializes in domain names. You may want to move your blog at some stage, so the domain name registrar should be separate from your hosting.

I use Google Blogger (Blogspot) for my niche or specialty blogs and my WordPress bloggen blog as a clearinghouse for all my blog posts. As WordPress has the import function, and also doesn’t allow advertising, I create my original Blogger blog posts and recycle them onto WordPress with the import tool.

Websites are old WordPress blogs to me because so many are static and are outdated within a week or a month. But weblogs let you add content instantly with the click of a button.

25.If you like surfing the Internet then AGLOCO is a program that pays you for your browsing information (at the stake of your privacy though). You will need to download their tool bar into your desktop.

When you see that plugin, simply click “install now.” The plugin should automatically be installed but you need to activate it. Click on the link to activate your plugin and paste the application ID from Facebook into the appropriate space. Save the settings and your plugin should be activated and ready to go.

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Seven Strategies For Successful Blogging

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