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Electronic Arts today released an exciting– albeit a touch over the top– trailer for their upcoming shooter Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, the third in the struggling Army of Two series. The trailer (below, left) does a fantastic job highlighting the game’s improved destruction physics, revamped graphics, and classic interpersonal humor between the protagonists Alpha and Bravo.

call of duty Black Ops for wii is the real deal!; A really neat addition of call of duty zombies black ops Wii is that it was created with the input of actual Black Ops soldiers who served during that time period. The game mixes the traditional tactical shooter gameplay with newer game play options that are designed to really make you feel like you’re in the game.

Shooting games are by far some of the most popular on consoles today as evidenced by the top four best-selling games on Xbox 360 being either first or third person shooters (Source). In the third part of our ongoing “Gamer Terminology” series, we will examine several terms commonly associated with online shooters and briefly explain their meanings.

PSN has some redeeming features, but not enough. Yes they have Home, which is in fact, really cool. But, it’s time for Sony fan’s to face the music. The PS3’s online was nothing more than an addition to the afterthought of the PS2’s online support. They received most call of duty games their inspiration from Xbox Live.

Provide a schedule call of duty app interrupt times. As we’ve said you need to work for 45 minutes then break for 15. So make sure everyone knows that you’re available for interrupts from quarter to the hour up to the hour. Or from the hour to 15 minutes after. Whenever you are going to take your break. Then close the door for the 45 minutes you are working and open it for the 15 you are resting.

Here is another one of those you never fail gifts. Every teenage boy will be happy with a gift card. You can get him a gift card to one of his favorite clothing stores, or gear it more towards the sports and hunting type stores. Regardless of where the gift card is too, any teenage boy will be glad to get a gift card that he can spend. You may have better chances just doing this than buying him something that he will just return anyways. So if you don’t really know a particular thing he wants, I would definitely recommend giving him a gift card.

In the call of duty series, there are three basic ways to play the game. You can rush, camp, or do something in between the two. Rushing involves putting on marathon and lightweight, and rushing the opponent team right as the round begins. You can easily rack up kills this way, camping or spawn at the end. If you are doing this, people will definitely call you out, and not like you very much. The same goes for camping. Camping is when you sit in one spot for the majority of the game, killing people that walk in front of you or near you. No one likes a rusher, and no one at the camper. It is always a balance of both. Need to know when to stay hidden, but when to move forward toward the objective. Finding this balance will get you the highest kill death ratio of all the steps.

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