Insurance Sales Training – Is It Important?

A common theme that we’ve heard during the last few months from sales managers is that during a down economy, salespeople have to go back to the fundamentals. Now more than ever, each and every sales call must be used to protect current business and to try to win new business.

Go Back to Basics. You remember what that means: It is doing the activities you did when you first got started that gave you results. One of them was staying on the phones until you made a connection, booked an appointment or made a sale. Great sales people instinctively know they must spend time “dialing for dollars” to existing and potential customers to get out of a negative sales period. If there aren’t enough incoming calls, there must not be enough going out! So if your phone’s not ringing ask yourself: How many calls am I making? If your phone is quiet, it was because you’re not making enough calls.

Sales follow up can be noisy just like noise you might hear when turning a car around a corner. How noisy is your follow-up? Since 80% of salespeople don’t follow up after up to a third contact, this noise is a difficult one to diagnose. From a recent survey I read, here’s how it breaks down: 34% feel like they are bothering people so they don’t follow up; 32% have a hit or miss process; 14.9% say they are too busy with other things, and just 17% say they persist with a series of planned actions. Just like driving a car, turning corners in sales follow up is necessary, as most of your sales are realized in the follow-up process. Your lack of follow up is a must action to pay attention to.

When is the last time you picked up a marker? Was it in kindergarten? Was it to draw a picture with your kids? Was it to plan a cool health insurance sales training at the whiteboard?

Remember the 80/20 Rule: “20 percent of your customers will generate 80 percent of your business.” Are you going after the right 20 percent every day? Have you thrown in the towel too soon? Would just a few more times at bat give you the home run? Take a good hard look inside yourself. Have you been procrastinating on taking action to get out of a slump?

Which means you’ll close more business and make more money faster and easier, and you’ll achieve a level of success, freedom, and security you really want.

Arrive early or on time to every sales meeting you attend. Nothing rubs clients the wrong way like a sales professional that has kept them waiting. Sales Training Speakers will attest to this.

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Insurance Sales Training – Is It Important?

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