Five Keys To Race Day Nutrition For Your Next Triathlon

When trying a new trail, go with someone who knows it–and bring a map, compass, cell phone, and whistle. If you do go solo, give someone a map of your intended route. Go to ant Government website, collect the map and plot your route.

You can end up wasting money and not spending enough time researching your training and nutrition articles, the important stuff! If I HAD to put a percentage on it (which isn’t really ideal as it depends on the person), I would say supplements should make up 10% of your body efforts (effort, time, money, research etc), MAXIMUM. I would personally have it taking up about 5%.

If you’re sporty then you might want to study sports science, or learn how to become a coach, or a physiotherapist, or get involved in athletic shoes and diet.

Go with Quality ingredients. Quality foods that are natural foods, you help your body perform well. Quality whole foods are your building blocks to great meals. With top quality, ingredients you will feel are more satisfied on less food.

Be careful when you add oils, butter, or heavy sauces to the pasta though. You should also not top it with too much meat either, especially if this is pre game a experience. Cheese too should be avoided or kept at a minimum especially if it contains lots of fat.

If I’m buying a list I want to make sure I set a household income threshold and I want to think about where they are at. A $100K household income means one thing in rural Utah and something completely different in metropolitan Los Angeles.

Add Wine with dinner. With a glass of wine, you are adding extra antioxidants to your meals. However, remember the moderation rule. Where on glass gives you benefits, more than one increases your risks.

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Five Keys To Race Day Nutrition For Your Next Triathlon

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