Why You Shouldn’t Use A Blog To Build Your Online Business

When it comes to web site design tips, there are many that can be used by web designers. Creating the best page is a serious challenge for even an experienced web site design company. This is because of the great competition in this field and hundreds of pages online all of which vie for attention. The question is how your web design company can make a difference.

So, what do the website design UK gurus have to say about this craze? They just laugh at these copy-cat affordable website design who think that making a web design and stuffing it with some content can take them to the most coveted places on the search engine ladder. But, the truth of the story is that such websites can’t get the niche results for you.

Let’s go back to the cars example. Bidding for the term “cars” will cost you a lot and bring you a great percentage of unqualified visitors. So why not break down the market based on the areas you serve, brands, and models you offer? For example: Honda Accord Chicago, Honda Accord New York, Honda Civic Chicago, Ford Mustang Austin, and so on.

Some negative keywords are obvious. If you offer high-end web design services you probably need these negative keywords: free, cheap, affordable, and low cost. But sometimes you might be missing some less common negative keywords. Set up your Analytics with advanced filters to find out the real search terms that people are using. This way you will find out that your ad is showing for search terms like “web design book”, “professional web design in Miami” (and you are located in Utah), or “how to learn web design”.

You have seen those fancy website designs, sales letters that completely absorb you for 20 minutes, and wild promises that are bound to make the most skeptical buyers into believers.

Take a close look at Illustration 01. It shows all the slices I’ve made on my layout. The large boxes are content areas. Each navigation button has been sliced separately. The thinnest boxes are areas that will be nothing but background, allowing my page to stretch in height as much as it needs to without breaking up the design. Finally, I’ve broken up some of the larger images just so that it seems to download more quickly when published as a website.

Be cautious with online turnkey offers. Realize that the formula for success seems simple; offer a quality product or service at a fair price and deliver on time, and then follow up with exceptional customer service to ensure referrals. The process listed in the 6 steps above is more complicated, so my advice is do your research and seek out trusted advisors. The writing skills necessary to succeed may require the work of a freelance writer, so investigate copywriting specialists. The investment in making a professional first impression often determines the difference between success and failure.

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Why You Shouldn’t Use A Blog To Build Your Online Business

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