Top 5 Baby Must Haves – From Breast Pumps To Baby Swings

My baby swing was my “extra pair” pair of hands while I was home alone. The baby swing’s soothing motion would calm or entertain my boys, depending on what they were needing at the time.

A baby monitor allows mom to go outside take the trash out, put the baby in another room and spend time alone or with friends and even shower without thinking she hears baby cry every five minutes.

If you wear your baby in a sling, you can do without a Best Baby Swing, bouncy seat, play yard and other baby gadgets. Slings usually sell for around $40-$50 and will likely be in good enough shape to use for a second child, so they can save you a ton of money.

You baby will grow faster then a weed. You do not need to spend fifty or even twenty dollars on an outfit for your child. By all means, accept hand me downs. Chances are the child before yours wore the outfit only a few times. Go to your local thrift store and stock up on half price Tuesdays. Go to garage sales, ask your friends, whatever you do, do not, with an exception of an outfit or two for a special occasion, buy new. Your child will not know the difference, but your wallet surely will. When you child outgrows these clothes, pass on the good karma by handing these clothes down to a friend or relative.

People aren’t lying when they say how smelly a diaper can be. While it may seem simple enough to just throw it in the trash, a diaper pail will keep your whole house from smelling when your baby needs changing right after you just took out the trash.

Allot some time for window shopping. You should be able to sort every available choice for you. It will be best to visit and canvass from two or more stores before you make you purchase. Take note of what’s available and list out the features and specifications of each unit. You may also just take note of the brands and model names and search the internet again for each product’s features, specifications, and user reviews.

We live in a small house with a dog and two cats. The full size Highchair at around $89.00 is a waste of space and money. There are several new high chair options out there. For the first six months of your child’s life you probably won’t even need one, and for the next six months it will just be another piece of furniture you will be tripping over. I recommend buying a portable high chair such as the Fisher Price Portable High Chair. They save space, and keep you from cursing at your furniture.

When shopping for a swing baby gate, there are obviously many choices. The Dream Baby Swing Closed Security Gate sells for about fifty dollars. It is made of metal rails and would not be purchased for my home. It does not appear to have the one hand open and close feature and it seems the operator would have to step over a small portion of the gate when passing through. For around one hundred dollars you can purchase the Evenflo Baby Swing Gate in a beautiful Oak Finish. Although this gate may blend in with the other trim found in the home, it again does not have the one hand open and close feature. The First Years All Clear Swing Gate comes highly recommended. It sells for around fifty dollars and is well worth the money. It has the great one hand open and close feature and is a breeze to use.

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Top 5 Baby Must Haves – From Breast Pumps To Baby Swings

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