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Becoming the prom queen is every high school girl’s fondest dream. It is the most coveted title of the entire school as it portrays not only the beauty and elegance of the lady, but also her congeniality to everyone in school, and her active participation to school organizations. However, becoming the prom queen is not easy especially the judges get to evaluate you just for one night. So it is very important to make yourself shine as the brightest during the prom. One way to do that is by choosing to wear fashionable prom dresses for 2010.

One major hindrance that stops people from cultivating their seeds is their belief system. I’ve shared this in my ‘Meet Azali – The 21As Student’ and you can read more about it.

Do you have times when you wish to be someone really great? Like being a very successful businessman, motivational speaker, a very good musician, Pageant Awards or being a songwriter for the famous artists?

The color of the dress is also important in choosing one. Prom queen’s dress colors should be entirely unique than everyone else. For this year, opt for colors that shine like cobalt blue, striking maroon, shimmering silver, lustrous gold, and satin tangerine. For a more distinctive fashion, mix and match these colors so as not to make your dress look like a boring single-colored one.

Surprisingly, I have learned about this fundamental and essential truth of life not from books I have read or the men I have met. I have learned it from those who seem to be most happy in life – kids and dogs. They don’t seem to be confused about the concept at all. Their lives are goal oriented and their only goal is happiness. We claim so about our lives too but mostly seem to be working against everything that could and would make us happy.

You might just discover that many of your ol’ classmates just want to see your smiling face and share with you photos of their children or photos from their latest ski trip. It can be fun to spot a familiar friend who you haven’t seen in years. Words of wisdom, don’t feel that your high school reunion is a competition in any way. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. A reunion is a time to embrace.

I know that happiness is not what those witch doctors spoke of it. It is not some paragraphs quoted verbatim from popular self-help books. It is neither vague nor mystic. It’s not a religious eventuality or a philosophical mirage. It is concrete and like all concrete things in our world, definable and achievable if we are willing to work for it. It is not a gift. It is not a miracle. It is not magic.

I wasn’t all that pleased with Mary J. Blige as a guest American Idol judge, either. I respect her talent in the music field immensely, but I don’t think that American Idol specializes in the genres of music she most appreciates. Most of the time she just looked bored or confused by all the pop and country crooners, and livened up most when she was laughing at someone. Of course American Idol cuts and pastes things together to create a certain image, so without blaming Mary J. entirely, it just didn’t seem a good fit for the show.

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