Search Engine Optimization – Snake Oil Or Good Medicine?

You ignore it and keep doing what you’ve always done because your business is a “real world” business and the Internet doesn’t affect your industry. That’s a very bad reaction and will cost you dearly, probably your business and home too if you’ve used that as collateral for loans.

Or maybe you’re a giant SEO Vancouver company who wants to target every state. Again, this may work, depending on the overall marketing strategy. On the other hand, you might be decimating your target with an overpowered shotgun. In this case, they’ve missed the point of niche marketing and will likely find themselves in the same situation as if attempting to go after the larger beast.

Contemporary content and regular updating content will help in improving your rankings. Add fresh, informative content to your pages on regular basis. Thus, content freshness adds relevancy to your website in the eyes of the search engine panda.

And surely if that is the case, there would be no reason for a Utah SEO company to focus their efforts on a smaller niche market. Not when we could have an entire world lining up at our door to buy our hand-painted wooden clogs or SEO Services packages.

Keyword Stuffing: Keyword stuffing basically means loading either the content or the code of the web page with keywords. Every web page has content that is related to its business. However, when keywords are put into the content unnecessarily to increase web page ranking, it is called keyword stuffing.

While SEO marketing doesn’t depend too heavily on interaction, Tweeting is a different ball game altogether. If you can get into the good books of powerful tweeters who tweet about topics similar to yours, you can get lots of followers in a very short time. This is how it works: you interact as much with the power tweeters as possible and grab their attention. As you tweet about topics that interest these people, they may mention you in a conversation or retweet your tweets. This will bring you to the notice of all their followers, and there is a good chance that of these followers following you.

Allow easy opt-out. Make the process of unsubscribing as easy as signing up. Giving your prospects that option without question asked is actually a good thing as this will make them feel that it’s not an obligation on their part.

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Search Engine Optimization – Snake Oil Or Good Medicine?

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