Make Your Own Website – Finding The Right Software

Webika Design is a website design company, and our main specialty is ecommerce solutions. Nowadays, there are so many shopping carts available on the market that it can be very challenging to choose the right solution. All the companies say they provide the “World best solution”, but who do you trust and how do you know that this is the “best solution”? Since we work with ecommerce every day, we have decided to create a little guide for people who is looking to start an ecommerce business.

For instance, one mentor may specialize in building lists and another may specialize in website design. That is fine, accept their guidance and work with them, not against them. It is your business. You want the guidance a good mentor can offer not control or conflict that distracts you from your primary goal of building your business.

A better move would be to buy both of these domain names if they are available and point them at your own website. The benefits are of course twofold, searchers stand an excellent chance of finding you based on your business name and on the type of business you do.

Don’t use ITALICS or UNDERLINE on your webpages – on some monitors the italics are impossible to read, and everyone is used to clicking on underlined words as this represents a LINK to another page or website.

Whitespace – Do not use large blocks of text. Break your words into small paragraphs and separate them with a couple of lines of white space to make your page easy to read.

The first step is to download Adobe Flash. You can visit official site of Adobe to download this software. Once you are done with this step, install it. You can enjoy this software application free for 1 month. Thereafter, you have to purchase the full version.

The key to all of these is that the website content – your message – matters more than the technology. Time and money spent refining your message will pay off because visitors will know why you are the best person to help solve their problems.

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Make Your Own Website – Finding The Right Software

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