How To Cut Those Swimming Pool Heater Bills

After shopping for a pool for your family’s personal use throughout the summer, there are things that you might add once the installation of your pool is done. A plain-looking pool is boring; you wish to accessorize it to make it safe, clean and exciting. Apart from that, these accessories are necessary to keep your pool system on prime condition. There are different things you can do from adding pool ladders, decks, covers, filters to pumps and barriers. The aim of those accessories is to produce comfort, relaxation and safety to swimmers.

Energy-efficiency is a common concern among new pool pump buyers. You can easily see this on the main unit. Look closely as it is usually written on a name plate in fine print. The wrong pool pump can lead to higher energy consumption and outrageous electricity bills. Higher power doesn’t exactly mean higher efficiency so make sure you’re buying the right pump for your pool. Otherwise, you might end up spending on something that would be of no use.

Place a small amount of silicone lubricant on both the motor shaft and in the mechanical seal recess. This lubrication helps the seal assembly to slide into place a little easier. Make sure that you install both halves of the seal assembly in the same manner as the original. The white ceramic portion of the seal with the black rubber cup, goes into the seal plate. The glass finish MUST be facing you.

That’s when Pool Pumps come in handy. A vital equipment of any swimming pool system, Palmetto Commercial Pools are responsible for keeping the water in your swim pool constantly circulating to avoid bacteria from forming.

Guest Manual – This is a wonderful way to add that extra special touch for your renters. The manual can include menus from local restaurants, information on the house such as how to adjust the thermostat, what to do and not to do when it comes to cleaning, etc. Any community information is great too. Also include contact info for area emergency systems and any other important numbers. Be sure to prominently display the WiFi Code if there is one.

Install the stationary part (ceramic portion with the black rubber cup) of the seal into the volute cover plate. Remember it has to installed in exact manner as the old one. Also check and make sure that this part of the seal is inserted all the way into the seal recess on the cover plate.

Another useful item to assist in the chemical sanitation is the Salt converter. Basically the water in the spa is kept ever so slightly saline which in itself is therapeutic. An electrolysis device converts the salt into chlorine to keep the algae at bay and maintain the water at a high level of clarity. The Parts provides everything necessary to convert your hot tub.

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