How Do I Gain Muscle Mass? The Answer Revealed!

#1 Weight Training is hard work, but if you want to gain muscle, lose fat and have a chiseled beach body like a fitness model, you have to do resistance training. And not just going to the gym and wasting time like so many people I see at the gym.

Water Retention- Water retention can cause you to gain weight whether you have been sticking closely to your diet and exercise program. There are different things that can cause you to retain water or bloat. Some of the things that can cause this is salt consumption, menstrual cycle and caffeine consumption. Avoiding these things will help avoid you from retaining water and bloating. This weight gain is only temporary unless you continue to do things that continues the pattern.

When trying to build strong muscle you need to get rid of the unwanted fat. Now of course we do this by exercising but you want to focus on cardio. Have a routine as in running, jogging, jump rope or riding a bike. When you go out and do these activities make sure to have enough water with you. By drinking water you sweat more body weight. Try challenging yourself you always what to try to set up. When you exercise take that extra mile or extra ten minute walk or jog.

Also, part of this training program it is crucial that you perform high intensity interval training. HIIT is a great way to lose weight and how to gain muscle. Just take a look at sprinters. They are very strong and very lean. They are not body builder type bodies, rather, they are muscular but athletic.

As you probably know, gaining some weight will give several benefits to you as a young adult and also as a matured man. You will get respected by your fellow mates, and women will notice you more because you stand out compared to other guys. Apart from that, you will sky-rocket your confidence. Everything you do will be the best that you can do because your subconscious mind works differently when you are feeling confident about yourself.

Many newbies think that building muscle is easy and just lifting some weights and dumbbells are all needed to gain muscles. But it is far from the truth. Building muscle is a slow process and you have to be highly dedicated and consistent to gain results. Following a bodybuilding meal plan seems to be a little difficult but you have to be dedicated to it to see great results. “No pain, no gain”.

If you buy whole milk and use this to help boost up the calories this can be cheaper than eating lots of solid foods. Drink milk with your meals, between them and post workout.

So if you want to lose weight quickly, then you should know the fast ways to lose weight. You have to change your eat and lifestyle, you should higher your metabolism and you should do intense exercise workouts. If you do this at the same time, you will literally see the pounds flying off!

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How Do I Gain Muscle Mass? The Answer Revealed!

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