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The fall and winter seasons means video games are releasing their most anticipated titles for the holidays. 2010’s First Person Shooters are no exception. These titles will be on the Christmas lists of many gamers. Here are 5 of the most eagerly awaited FPS video games for the end of 2010.

There is a downside to Marrakech Holiday parties, though. With the help of a little booze, you could end up saying something stupid. If you say it to the wrong person, someone who misinterprets the meaning, it could lead to the end of the road for you.

TIP #8: Make It Yourself – Ban those convenience foods! If you can’t totally cut out the junk foods, make them yourself. A large, homemade pizza costs about $3 – $5 to make, compared to frozen pizzas which are typically $3 – $5 for the small size. And delivery pizzas can cost $8 – $20 each. Bulk buy the ingredients and make the dough from scratch. Pressed for time? Buy the pizza dough pre-made and just add the toppings!

TIP #9: Cut down/Out on the Junk Food – If you can completely give up the soda, chips, cookies, candy, etc., good for you! Most fail at doing this “cold turkey”, so I suggest you gradually cut down on these items. If you just have to have a baked good, make it yourself from scratch. Homemade cookies, cakes, and pies are much tastier than store bought and they don’t have the additives and preservatives either.

Sure you can do it ALL and do it PERFECTLY, but wouldn’t it be less tiring to delegate a few tasks to willing family members? Or maybe you can trade some errands with friends. You will stand in line at the post office with the packages if she will pick up your list of recipe ingredients while at the supermarket.

There is another option: the self-certification loan. These are offered by many high street banks and building societies. You need to provide details of the amount of income you earn, but you do not need to prove it with paperwork. Of course, such a loan comes at a higher interest rate, and the amount you can borrow is often lower. Be careful you don’t fall into a common trap here. Your accountant may have been doing an excellent job – quite legally – of minimising your profits for tax, but this will also affect the amount you can borrow.

If you follow the tips above then you will be on your way to a very Happy New Year and a Healthier You! Do things in moderation and have a great holiday season!

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Holiday Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

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