Hiring A Lawyer Vs Drafting Your Own Prenup

When you got married, you thought it would be forever. A lot of dreams and hopes and wishing went into that wedding. You and your spouse planned a life together, decorated a house together, raised children together – in short, you shared a life. The dissolution of a marriage is never a happy occasion. There is mourning involved, if there are children, they must be considered. It is basically a family unit being torn apart. So many people do not know how to manage their emotions during a divorce. Old bones are uncovered, accusations are flung about, and the emotional blows can destroy everyone who is involved. So how is it possible to keep your divorce civil?

These are all valid questions. However, if you have been married before, or if you have an unequal amount of pre-marital assets, it is not unlikely that the thought, if not the conversation, has already been breached. In fact, most people discussing pre-nuptial agreements are older, have already been married and divorced, have been around the block a few times, are wise, logical, and understand that pre-marital assets should remain pre-marital. Even though all this is true, the request for a pre-nuptial agreement is still so emotionally charged!

5) If either you or your spouse plans to leave the city or state following the divorce, you may have issues to settle while you are separated a good distance. You lawyer can act as your intermediary in some cases.

Oftentimes, people who are planning to get married do not think about this problem. They never think about how they plan to deal with their spouses if he or she has an affair. Will you go for divorce or will you still try to save the marriage? Your responses to these two questions are very important in the event of an infidelity.

Find a peaceful, neutral location to discuss a temporary guardianship agreement. The location can be a place where you’ve discussed other important topics regarding your relationship. This can be at the kitchen table, in your living room or in a peaceful backyard setting. Pick a day where there won’t be any other distractions, such as a house full of children.

Shock, confusion, panic sets in. If we do a pre-nup, doesn’t that mean we are already planning out divorce? Does that mean there are doubts? Does that mean you don’t trust me? How can we go forward in our marriage if you are thinking about our divorce? If the foundation of a good relationship is trust, then aren’t we already in trouble?

What type of settlement Kimberly Conrad Hefner ultimately receives will be determined by a judge. We do know that a prenuptial agreement does exist. Hopefully the divorce proceedings will go on smoothly for Hugh Hefner and Kimberly Conrad Hefner.

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