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Time is of essence, lost time is never found again. Are you caught in a situation when you have found the dream home you always wanted to buy? But, the trouble is that you cannot find a buyer for your old home and you don’t even have enough savings with you to finance the purchase of new home. Would you let anyone else take over your dream home; I hope you don’t want this to happen. A fast bridging loan will be a perfect solution to your problems.

If believe on residential housing index of the National Housing Bank, Residex is witnessing the decrement in Amenity Consultancy prices during quarter period of April to June this year. Moreover, prices are being expected to decrease further and it is becoming as mandatory for builders to sell out their long awaited inventory to sell out.

Sometimes back, 2 bedroom with hall and kitchen apartment in South Mumbai that was leased at Rs 40,000 to Rs 75,000 per month. Today, the same apartment in the same area costs a sizeable Rs 1.25 lakh per month. Rental rates are rising in others areas too. For example, in Bandra 2 BHK apartment costs Rs 90,000 per month, a few months back it was valued for Rs 30,000 per month. Rentals in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, has gone up to Rs 20,000 per month compared to Rs 12,000 per month two years ago for a 2 BHK apartment flat. So just imagine how one can bear such expenses without a paying guest facility in Mumbai.if you have a property to rent in Mumbai then PG is the best solution as many people can afford them.

New taste and styles fill the vacuum. So is the case of home decoration. Your home should have the touch of latest trend. Home improvement loans as the name suggest are the loans sanctioned for home renovation work. With this loan amount you can do all types of renovation work. You can make your kitchen more precious. A new space can be added for office. Swimming pool can be constructed or the terrace can be given a magnificent look. When you are opting for large scale renovation work you need handful amount of money.

How do I do that then I ask. Well the first is invest lots of your money and live very minimally for a substantial period of time and maybe start to become financially free. However, as stated above not all investments are equal and for that matter not all investment strategies are equal.

You have paid a total of 24% of the purchase cost of your project and let’s say you doubled your money when you sold. Your cost would now be 12% of the selling cost instead of the 50% you would have had to split with a partner!

Commercial Property is even better. Why? Because the ROI (Return on Investment) is higher in commercial properties, this makes it more beneficial for cash flow. But if this is the case – Why does every investor not use this method?

For traditional finance the maximum amount a financial institute is likely to lend is 70% and sometimes even less than 70%, this makes it difficult for an everyday investor to get into this market. Now what if you were able to get into this market without traditional finance and no money down.

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