Finding A Band To Hire A Live Band

Take a minute to let that question sink in. Parents, we better all step up and make sure that our kids don’t disregard the talent and influence of legendary American singers, musicians, and songwriters. Do you think your kids are ready for an introduction to the music that shook the world and continues to influence our American way of life?

Whatever event or party you are hosting; live music is the element that is going to clinch the deal for you. Be it your wedding or your birthday, celebration for promotion or childbirth, hiring a live music band will make your party an event to remember.

Over at WitZend in Venice, I recommend the following: Venice Music Crawl, beginning at 12 noon tomorrow; Holly Long at 10 p.m. on Wednesday and Parker Ainsworth at 9 p.m., followed by Kai Brown at 10 p.m. on Thursday.

Small children were kept entertained by going to the petting zoo or taking a pony ride. Older kids could be found in the bounce castle or on the bungee ride.

Will this trend continue? Are holographic performances from deceased artists the next big thing in entertainment? I mean, Beatles eighties tribute act are one thing — this new development takes it to an entirely new level. For example, I love me some Frank Sinatra. And Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez. And Patrick Swayze, for heaven’s sake! But watching them live…? Except, minus the live part…? I feel slightly uncomfortable just thinking about it.

This was a historic moment in the history of rock and roll, one of many in the Rock Hall’s hometown. It was the first, and last, concert the Beatles performed outdoors and it is widely credited as being the nail in the coffin of the Beatles touring days. They just didn’t think they could solve the security problems after that particular outpouring of affection.

There are some great tribute bands out there on the market but again which do you choose? Well there is now an alternative option. Without having to break the bank, you can now have all of your favourite tribute bands in one evening with a multi-tribute band. This is basically one band that can offer an array of tribute bands to suit your exact requirements. That way everyone is happy.

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