Blogging First Steps – Building A WordPress Site

The two most critical elements to a successful, money-making site are traffic and conversions. Needless to say, getting a constant stream of new visitors is a base prerequisite for any kind of online success. But unless the website is designed in such a way that it converts those visitors into clients or subscribers, any traffic you get is wasted. Here is the list of five tips you can implement in order to enhance the conversions of your website.

Menu Manager: This is where you go to delete menus you won’t need, create new menus you will need, and create the items in those menus. This is one of my favorite features of Joomla because it allows you to easily set up multiple menus to help your visitors navigate the site easily.

The approach you are using ab initio also matters: It is generally a good idea to use your domain to start a Blog. Paste few articles – roughly 6-8 and but carefully choose your keywords or tags. For those using trigona cms some of the good plugins are all in one seo plugin, Greg’s high performance, headspace, platinum seo, etc.

Create your blog. Your first task will be to choose from dozens of layout templates. Browse your options until you find one that “feels” about right for now. There is no need to select perfectly, because, thankfully, you are allowed to change templates anytime. Just pick one that you sort of like and keep working. You can always change wordpress blogs it later.

Strongly consider putting your website name somewhere in your blog’s title. Be creative and remember that the name of your blog can make or break its spot in search engines. Most platforms allow you to change the title any time you want. If you are part of multiple groups or affiliations (or companies), you’re not limited. You can place RSS feeds in your sidebars (which should include one from your website), place banners, and in some blogging platforms, you are allowed to place ads. A blog is like a second website but with all the potential to have a symbiotic relationship.

The idea here is that you need to make some quick money to get into gear, and it doesn’t even have to be very much. It would take you too long to develop your own product plus it wordpress sites would be near impossible to avoid any set up or design fees.

Finally, create a 20-30 second video about your website and upload it to some high traffic video sites like youtube. Make sure that In the description you link to your website URL(s) for extra backlinks!

Good Content: This is very important part of the whole story. Your blog’s content should be excellent. Because if you want your blog to be bookmarked or revisited than Content is very important. This will make your blog popular.

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Blogging First Steps – Building A WordPress Site

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