Avoiding Hassles With Tsa Security Screenings

Scientists and health experts, including Dr.Oz are extremely concerned about the “backscatter” x-ray technology used in full body scanners at airports. The exposure to radiation is especially dangerous for frequent flyers.

The “out with the old” step simply means helping your body’s natural process of shedding dead skin cells to replace them with new cells. This natural process usually happens over a period of several weeks but you can help it along. To do this you will use something called – Exfoliation.

So tell me, what would your last thoughts be, as you are seated on a hijacked aircraft, 15 terrorists milling around with automatic weapons, bombs strategically placed throughout the aircraft, all brought on board by passengers NOT scanned or hand checked? Think you’d be bitching and screaming about civil liberties? Think you’d be concerned about how the Nazis started out this very same way by taking away freedoms from the Jewish people? (Yes, I had some idiot use that very same analogy to me two days ago).

I will ask this simple question of those of you who are reading this – how does a 65 year old man, with gray hair, his bride of 44 years by his side, and one who has a very clean record of service to education for 42 years, get treated like a common criminal – or worst yet, a terrorist – when all I was doing was getting on an American airplane as a frequent flyer with a Gold Card? What has happened to my country?

The full https://www.dailyscanner.com images clearly display human genitals, which is why children- anyone under age eighteen, were at first exempt from being scanned. Scanned naked images of children violate UK child pornography laws. The exemption was overturned. Yet, full daily scanner images violate the rights of humans of any age. It was only a matter of time before a celebrity would be exposed. And that the news media would find out about it.

In case you haven’t noticed – and by ‘you’ I mean, you – the reader – immediately following the ‘much- hyped-but-nothing-ever-came-of-it’ National Opt-out Day, all bloggers, newspaper reporters, columnists, and newscasters did a complete 180 on the opinion of those heretofore much maligned body scanners. All of a sudden, anybody who resists the scan and makes life difficult for the ‘gropers’ is a selfish idiot who cares nothing about the safety of everyone else on the plane.

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Avoiding Hassles With Tsa Security Screenings

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