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Getting things going at a home party can often be difficult. If your guests are inattentive and your audience is not participating you have a problem and the problem is all yours. GET THEIR ATTENTION!

Another business start-up consulting tip is to evaluate the idea. What this means is the person takes a good look at their idea to see if it actually makes sense. One thing to do is to get an outside opinion. They could have someone like a business phone service look at the idea from a different angle. Is this idea something that others would be drawn to? If a product is being made, is this something other people would buy? We all think our ideas sound good, and they may even look good in black and white, but the true test is if it catches the attention of others.

Complete a little market research before you establish your rates. Find out what similar businesses are charging in your region, and then set competitive fees. Remember that being competitive doesn’t always mean you have to be cheaper. It is impossible to operate a business for very long unless you can figure out a way to make a profit.

The other problem is working with clients. For example, in my case, I used to work with clients running my own i.t. consultants form 13 years. Motorola taught me much about working with clients, wearing the hats of business analyst, project manager, and Six Sigma Black belt. Yet many folks jump into freelance writing – yet they have no clue regarding working with clients.

Their readers will very quickly develop an immense trust in somebody who gives them free, good information. When people want a lawyer, who do you think they will get? This can apply to any profession.

Another thing to check is what the shipping costs will be. Some folks offer very high shipping, for instance someone may sell a shirt for only $2.00 but have a set shipping fee of $15, so always search the item description page before bidding and buying to find the shipping information. Some item description pages have a box, with a button on them called Calculate. Once you click on this button, just enter your zip code or postcode, and it will tell you what the exact shipping fees will be. This is one that catches even the best of us out.

How do you think you are going to feel about those $175.00 you paid for a great resume and cover letter when you show up for new hire orientation. I know that you will say that it was the best money you ever spent.

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